Tilting trike Irs1000

Tilting trike Irs1000
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Model: Suzuki
Motorcycle type: Tourist
Run: 10 thousand miles
Year of release: 2014
City: London
Last visit: 2 May 2017
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Posted: 2 May 2017

Tilting trike (it folds like a bike) Irs1000, second generation manufacture type. The trike Irs1000 have 10000 miles, they are made in majority for driving tests and surveys. On this generation the main work are made on the safe aspects of the bike, the attention on the chasses and all the other parts follow a accurate standard by a structural control philosophy. Only to speech about same of that: the dampers are fixed to the chasses between two forks (double control system); every movement on the chasses happens on roller bearing. In other words for the Irs1000 realization there are used the same attentions you could find only on the best standard bike, these manufactures by the most important maker marks.

The trike Irs1000 have the right documents for travel, it can go around like a standard motorbike, it gets review, new tyres on board.

The price are for the cruiser version with tilting angle of 30 degrees, so it's perfect for the tourist usage, it's very stable on the highway and exact on the turning of mountain trip. The technical specifications are available on request.

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Irs1000 is available abroad to the international prefix 0039