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Are you agnostic, religious, atheist, or are you A Universal Dualist? A Dualist believes in two contrasted aspects such as good and evil. So Universal Dualists believe that this universe is made of Hosts and Viruses, the Hosts are good and creators of matter, the Viruses are evil. Hosts and Viruses are everywhere in this universe, in our body cells, in stars, in darkness, in planets, in water, in air, in food, and everything is made of them in different shapes and forms - and since they can survive the explosion of stars, they are immortal and have been around since the beginning of time. Universal Dualists believe that all that is bad in this universe comes from viruses: diseases, ageing and death, ignorance, abuse. In our atoms the protonselectrons are uninfected Hosts, the neutrons on the other hand, have been infected by virus neutrinos and can control many aspects of our lives, including ageing and death. Think about this: there are hosts and viruses in astronomy, particle physics, microbiology, biology, there is a universal host versus virus pattern and viruses increase in numbers through infecting the hosts. So if you like Hosts and dread Viruses, why not become a Universal Dualist and join our group? We meet for lunch twice a month in a self service restaurant in the West End to discuss our lives, Planet Earth and the universe, and how we are going to conquer ageing and death and life in outer space through scientific means. In the photo a host bacterium has been infected by a virus, and what was one virus has become many viruses wanting to exit the host. The host bacterium is destroyed by viruses in most cases. Human ageing and death is also a virus deed. This act is happening all over the universe at all levels, eg host protonselectrons versus virus neutrinos, and even in the smallest hosts and viruses, also called the fundamental hosts and viruses. Please quote Universal Dualists when answering this ad.