Pianist/composer available for making your songs come to life!

Pianist/composer available for making your songs come to life!
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Posted: 17 Jul 2014



I'm offering my skills and experience as a pianist and composer/producer to all singers and other musicians who have melodies written or their ideas for songs but don't quite know how to make a whole song out of it.

Let's say for example you've been humming this song for a while and you need all the background for it but have no knowledge of how to play an instrument. Or you already play and instrument but you wish to add more sounds, instruments to the song to make it sound fuller and more interesting. I can help with all that and more!

At the moment I'm working with people who bring me recordings made on their phones or they sing it to me or play on a guitar and I add everything else to it including chords, beats, harmonies, strings etc.

It is a good way of building your portfolio or a demo and get your career going. The way I work usually is to meet with a client and I listen to suggestions ideas as to how they want the song to sound (ie. slow-sad song, fast-energetic song, "garage style", jazzy-lounge style Then we work on the song until it's ready to record.I have a home/portable studio which I can bring to you.

I usually have a harmonic frame for the song before I meet the client. When I bring my keyboard to you we may sit together and whilst I'm playing you will add your bit and that way we would go towards the completion of the song.

Realistically it's a lot better to send a demo or set up a gig when you have a whole song done rather than having just a melody. It is just more professional. Therefore I highly recommend my services not just because of their quality but because of the practicality of it's application.

I'm a Goldsmiths College Graduate and starting a PHD in composition this fall. Don't miss out and grab the opportunity before I have no time to accommodate you in my schedule.

If you're interested just drop me an e-mail or text and we will arrange something. Same goes for if you want to hear samples of my work.

p.s. I'm also available for gigs, if you decide to perform your song

Take care and I'm looking towards hearing from you!

charge: £25-30 an hour depending on your location.

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