Lodoflex Dressing Paste For Your Wound

Lodoflex Dressing Paste For Your Wound
Wound Care
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Posted: 12 Apr 2018


Cadexomer with iodine paste contained in the Iodoflex Dressing is an antibacterial and absorbent agent ideal for cleansing and protecting wounds and sores like wet ulcers, infected surgical wounds or pressure sores.

Warning: Do NOT use cadexomer iodine gel if:

• allergic to any ingredient in cadexomer iodine gel, including iodine

•a patient of Hashimoto thyroiditis, or a history of Grave disease or nontoxic nodular goiter

•pregnant or breast-feeding

Available in:

•Iodoflex Dressing Paste 5g Pack Size 5

•Iodoflex Dressing Paste 10g Pack Size 3

•Iodoflex Dressing Paste 17g Pack Size 2

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