Is a hospitality management courses difficult?

Is a hospitality management courses difficult?
Mont Rose College
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Posted: 10 Oct 2018


The College will develop programmes that have a distinctive focus on entry into work, delivering a curriculum that embeds employability, has a strong commitment to ethics and diversity, and introduces students to contemporary as well as seminal research. All teaching and learning will reflect the expectations of employers and society, and be informed and guided by external benchmarks such as professional and statutory bodies. In so doing, students completing a hospitality management courses will have the attributes, skills, principles and behaviours that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to local, national and international commerce. The contributions students make to their own experiences, alongside the experience of their peers, is invaluable. Student engagement and the student voice will form a significant aspect of a student’s life. Mont Rose College will gather student opinions on a range of teaching and learning matters, which will be used to inform and enhance future practice within the programme of study and within the Centre.