Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects with COMFAR

Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects with COMFAR
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The profitability of a project is always matters to the owners of the capital. Although the relationships and calculations have been widely available to interested readers with the title financial evaluation, but in order to standardize analyzes and increase computational speed, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in 1983 launched COMFAR. This software is available in a variety of languages.

COMFAR has an application beyond financial evaluation and includes items such as economic evaluation, clean development mechanisims and feasibility studies, but since more attention is now paid to financial discussions, the book content is based on this demand.

The book includes five chapters and one attachment. In the first chapter, the datasets that are required in the financial evaluation of a project are mentioned, and in the second chapter, how to install the software is explained. Chapter 3 describes how to import data and how to make changes to the default software framework. Chapter 4 describes how to report and analyze the results, and in Chapter 5, some of the mathematical relationships used are explained. In the appendix of the book, data collection sheets are provided.