Fashion Internships

Fashion Internships
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The Fashion Week Internships Experience

FWI internship programs are designed to provide applicants with the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge of the fashion industry interning in dynamic and relevant work settings. Working with your own dedicated Program Manager, your internship aims and goals are electronically 'matched' within our database of over 2,000 host companies, pairing you with businesses that will ensure you get the most out of your internship experience. Programs can be tailored to deliver specific objectives, and in most cases can be used to gain course credits.


FWI interns intern at some of fashions brightest and best industry brands, fashion houses, PR agencies, magazines, retailers, and influencers, building great professional connections, and developing an international mindset, in readiness for joining the global workplace.

Measurable Career Benefits

FWI internships deliver numerous career and personal development benefits. Not only do they provide you with valuable 'real-world' industry experience, helping to develop your transferable skill-set. They also serve as a vital stepping stone towards your prospective career path, setting you apart as a highly attractive job candidate.

Being able to learn from experienced industry professionals helps builds confidence in your abilities and gain industry insight, helping you to build a strong professional network, that has helped past interns access job opportunities, secure job references, and benefit from qualified mentorship.

'Up-Close' and 'Hands-On'

Our philiosophy of 'up-close' and 'hands-on' means that FWI interns have the opportuntiy to join leading industry businesses, becoming part of their teams and working alongside them - learning new skills, putting existing ones into practice, and gaining a real understanding of what working in the fashion industry is really like.

FWI interns are challenged, stimulated, and immersed in fun and fast-paced work enviroments. Whether helping backstage at Fashion Week shows, assisting in the design and production processes in a designer's studio, brainstorming ideas for a campaign at a fashion PR agency, writing copy for an industry magazine, setting up the studio at a photo-shoot, or advising models at a model agency - FWI interns gain unique insights and get to experience the fashion industry in ways that no other provider can offer.

Fashion Week Internships – Life Changing Experiences

Program Fees:

1-4 weeks £650.00 $950.00

6-8 weeks £750.00 $1,080.00

12 weeks £850.00 $1,200.00

16 weeks £900.00 $1,280.00

20 weeks £1,050.00 $1,550.00

24 weeks £1,250.00 $1,700.00

48 weeks £1,650.00 $2,150.00

i. Programs of 4-weeks or less are only available during Fashion Week events.

ii. A signed Program Agreement and program deposit of (£350.00 / $400.00) is payable at the time of booking. The program deposit is part of the total program fee, not an additional charge.

iii. For programs of 20, 24, or 48-weeks in length, the program deposit is £550.00 / $700.00.

iv. $ USD prices are subject to change, based on current exchange rates.

2019 / 2020 Program Dates:

July 1st or 29th 2019

August 5th 2019

September 2nd 2019

October 7th 2019

November 4th 2019

December 2nd 2019

January 6th 2020

February 3rd 2020

March 2nd 2020

April 6th 2020

May 4th 2020

June 1st or 22nd 2020

July 6th or July 27th 2020

August 3rd 2020

September 7th 2020

Program start dates are flexible, and can be tailored as required

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